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The D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) is an organization founded by Dr. Richard A. Watson for the purpose of restoring the D'ni city and its Ages. The DRC managed D'ni's restoration throughout the First Restoration (1997–2004) and the Second Restoration (2006–2008), though ended up losing funding on both occasions. As such, the DRC is currently inactive, though some Restoration Engineers have remained in D'ni, carrying on their maintenance work.


The DRC was founded in 1996 by Dr. Richard A. Watson using the funds that Elias Zandi had left the D'ni Restoration Foundation.

The DRC officially started restoration work in 1997. For the first few years, it operated in secrecy in hopes that explorers would not visit the cavern until it was ready.

In 2002, UbiSoft announced that they had agreed to fund the DRC's restoration of the D'ni City.

In 2003, Jeff Zandi began to let explorers in without the approval of the DRC. This forced them to turn their efforts into restoring neighborhoods for the explorers inhabit.

Later in the year, the DRC unofficially opened the cavern.

The DRC did not approve of Yeesha's meddling and tried to remove as many items (Journey Cloths, Bahro Stones, etc.) from the cavern and ages as possible and discouraged explorers to use them.

In early 2004, UbiSoft announced that it would no longer be funding DRC. Due to lack of support, the DRC was forced to shut down and abandon its restoration efforts.

Victor Laxman returned to the cavern in late 2005 with his former colleagues and reformed the DRC. Dr. Watson, however, refused to return. Much larger numbers of explorers were invited down to the cavern and the DRC held several town hall meetings to decide what they should put their efforts towards.

Around 2006, Cate Alexander agreed to fund the DRC.

At the end of 2007 Cate announced that she would no longer fund the restoration effort. Although Victor Laxman and Marie Sutherland desperately tried to secure funding, it was in vain and the DRC once again abandoned their efforts.


Throughout the years, old members have left and new members joined.


Restoration Engineers[edit]

Although not part of the Council itself, DRC Restoration Engineers played an important part in the restoration, performing most of the physical work required for the DRC's restoration efforts.


Out of the original translation team, only Nick White returned during the Second Restoration.



The DRC has successfully restored several D'ni Ages, as well as some important areas in the D'ni City.

Released to explorers[edit]


D'ni City[edit]


There are many Ages and areas that were only partially restored by the DRC before it lost funding, and that were never released to explorers.

Ages and areas[edit]

D'ni City[edit]