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|games = [[Myst IV: Revelation]]
|games = [[Myst IV: Revelation]]
|Location = Stone Forrest on [[Serenia]]
|Location = Stone Forrest on [[Serenia]]
|pages = 15}}This is a journal kept by [[Achenar]] in 1805 when he was on [[Serenia]] with [[Sirrus]] plotting the death of their [[Atrus|father]]. He then hid it in a box in Serenia's stone forest and it was still there when the [[Stranger]] visited 20 years later.
|pages = 15}}
This is a journal kept by [[Achenar]] in 1805 when he was on [[Serenia]] with [[Sirrus]] plotting the death of their [[Atrus|father]]. He then hid it in a box in Serenia's stone forest and it was still there when the [[Stranger]] visited 20 years later.
==Transcript of the Journal==
==Transcript of the Journal==
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==Featured in:==
*[[Myst IV: Revelation]]  
*[[Myst IV: Revelation]]  

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Achenar's Serenia Journal

Written by



Stone Forrest on Serenia

Pages long


Appears in

Myst IV: Revelation

This is a journal kept by Achenar in 1805 when he was on Serenia with Sirrus plotting the death of their father. He then hid it in a box in Serenia's stone forest and it was still there when the Stranger visited 20 years later.

Transcript of the Journal[edit]

Been awhile since I had this much fun working with my sick little brother. Usually we're at each others throats by now. But this time...

Must be the thrill we both get, picturing Father strapped into the chair, begging us not to do what he KNOWS we're going to. Don't think anything I've done to a prisoner YET will compare with that moment.

Have to build the chair first though, which means getting inside Serenia's abandoned Memory Chamber. Hmmm. Can't exactly ask for a front door key, even if Sirrus DID tell the Protectors we want to study their rituals...

He'd just better get back from Mechanical Age with those breathing kits soon. Otherwise this whole plan is going nowhere.

What a hideously exhausting day. Spent so many hours working underwater I think my skin's turned permanently blue. But at least we're finally INSIDE. Sirrus wants to put a lock on our new back door — using one of his infamous marble color codes, I'm sure — but that's HIS deal. I've still got to figure out what to do about the fumes.

Maybe if I...

First night we won't have to use the breathing kits. Of course, I'll wait for Sirrus to take HIS off first. Just to be sure. Then start hauling in materials.

Never seen little brother this keyed up before. But like I told him last night, getting the chair up and running is gonna take time.

In theory all it has to do is stimulate the old fungus into doing what it wants to do naturally: remove a person's memories. But in order for our ENTIRE plan to work, we have to keep Father's body ALIVE before, during, and after the process so one of us can use it later. I'm not even sure the fungus will be able to remove memories from a living body. No matter how much "persuasion" it gets.

Decided to let Sirrus work on getting the chair operational while I start installing the life tanks. Still think this aspect of the plan is iffy but then, I don't intend to be the one who tests them.

Sirrus is a genius. Not sure how he did it but judging from the results of his first test today, looks like he did.

Almost felt sorry for the mouse.

Okay, okay already! Just how many of these tests does he want to complete before we actually DO something?! Doesn't he realize that the longer we wait, the more likely it is that some Protector will catch on that something's wrong? One whole part of what we're doing takes place inside their Dream World. They're GOING to see it eventually!

Let's stop wasting time here and instead concentrate on setting up the "bait" we need to lure Father into his cell.


Getting REAL nervous now. The only thing that keeps me from panicking completely is this — I know Serenia's weakness. The life stone. They'll be lost without their life stone.

Sure it'll take a few days, but if I steal it out of the Root Chamber, the fungus will eventually lose its ability to remove memories. And if that happens, Serenia's civilization will be thrown into total chaos.

Might be fun to see it happen.

But it also means our plan against Father will be ruined. So I'll do it, but only if it becomes necessary to cut and run.

HORRIBLE fight with Sirrus today. All I did was MENTION taking the stone and he was all over me. Accused me of letting my "insatiable desire for instant gratification" screw up yet another one of his plans. Then he tried to lay the whole Narayan civil war debacle on ME. Almost belted him right then and there.

But the fight did show me one thing — my little brother really IS a back-stabbing weasel. These tests he keeps doing? There's only one conclusion they're Heading to.

Screw you, little brother. There's absolutely NO WAY I'm gonna sit in that chair for you. I AM OUTTA HERE!!!

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